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Monday, October 02, 2006

Questions, anwsers, and more questions......

"Shata, yo wake up bro!"

Rolling over too take a look at his road side visitor, and upon seeing him deciding he'd be better off going back to sleep.

"Don't make me dose you!" Shata's visitor said in an attempt to wake him up. "Fine." suddenly from no where a steam of water hit Shata from no evident source, as there was no body of water near by.

"Fine I'm up, and seeings how your here I assume you've found something?"

"Yea, I got a hunch to goto New York." Takun replied.

"And what gave you that idea?"

"Well aside from you sleeping on the state line, theres a Popsicle and a bat thing headed here as well, and instead of forming in front of them I thought I'd come here and see how my older brother was doing with our search, only to find him asleep."

"I'm sorry but those of us still made of mostly flesh and blood need sleep, unlink you and your
liquid thing you've got going on there."

"Its not my fault my powers have done to me already what there doing to you, It it weren't for them you would've have been a road side statue three times by now."

Annoyed with his brother, Shata ran his sword through the talking block of ice in front of him, which simply formed into a puddle, and reformed behind him.

"You didn't have to go all the way that day, you've always been reckless with your powers and you knew this would happen, had you exercised some control we may not be in this predicament."

"Its not like you had that sword yet, what did you want me to do? Let Orin kill you? Or worse yet force you to a living paper weight?"

"Forget it, we've got other things to worry about before we go tracking him down. The bike needs gas, think your up to it?"

"Please, after scaring mom with that cup of iced tea, gas was the second thing I turned into." Takun said laughing.

Riding into the state, Shata began asking people about strange happenings around, eventually ending up in Hastings.

"Yo, Shata, don't get me wrong and all, I really like the bike but to be honest it stands out like a sore thumb, maybe we should hoof it from here?"

"Whats this 'we' stuff? But your right." and with that Shata parked the bike at a gas station and opened a canteen for is brother.

"Leave the lid open kinda so i can get out if needed, I still say this thing makes me feel like a genie....."

"Hush, when you talk and the locals don't see lips moving, well, we'll have a town of loons on our hands." Shata said to seemingly no one. "Hold that thought, where is every one? Takun, I'm going to dump you on the sidewalk split up and look around, come back here in five minutes unless I yell otherwise." Shata said emptying the contents of the canteen on the sidewalk and watching his brother split himself apart and going in every direction possible.

"Oh sure fine, make me do all the work!" Takun muttered rolling away.

Shata, knowing his brother couldn't handle heights without being carried away by the wind, made his way to the towns rooftops for a look around. As he looked he saw two Sentinels land with the stealth on an elephant.

"Takun! Come back! We've got company!"

Reforming into a man of ice Takun, not even noticing the sentinels mentions "Yeah, those two I mentioned earlier are rolling into town as well as three others."

"I meant those giant robots behind you vapor for brains. As a side note, I noticed you looked a lot like last century's Ice Man."

"This century now bro."

"Oh yea....." Shata mutters, "Ill take the robot one." leaping into the air sword drawn.

>Halt, Mutant< "Too late for that big boy." Shata said, as his right eye told him everything he needed to know about the robots. "Okay now I'm insulted, no nano this time boys?" bringing his sword clean down from the sentinels head to its feet.

"Hey Shata!" Takun yelled "What took you so long?" standing over his sentinel which resembled molten metal at this point.

"One, I like dramatic, its more fun. Two, I cant become highly acidic ran at a whim!"

"Excuses, excuses...."

"Hey you two!" A man who resembled a rock yelled "We want to talk to you!" at which point vines reached up and grabbed Takun, while fire attempted to engulf Shata. Shata moved neatly from the fire, while Takun melted him self from the vines.

"You have a funny way of showing it!" Shata yelled at them, while pulling his blade out again, Takun reforming him self around the vine controllers feet.

"Hey whats this, I thought we were after the other Popsicle!" the vine man yelled a temping to free him self.

Shata, noticing someone coming behind the pyromaniac, decided to go after the stoner instead of letting himself get over powered.

"Eat blade stoner!" Shata yelled as he went to catch the rock in his side, but was caught. "What the....?" and the rock man wound up to land a solid punch on Shata.

Just before the punch landed an ear piercing screech was let lose forcing all to stop and shield them selves. When Shata opened his eyes the three they had been fighting with were free, and running. "This isn't over, when we get our hearing back, we'll be back with earplugs!" the rock yelled. With that note they were gone.

Just as he thought it was over Shata felt a hand placed on his shoulder, and thinking it was another attacker, sprung forward and placed his sword at the throat of the person behind him.

"Who are you?"


At 10/02/2006 10:17 PM, Blogger TX said...

... Hmmm interesting

At 10/03/2006 6:44 PM, Blogger Boulder said...

watch who your callin Rocking tin man. or you'll find out which is stronger a tin paperweight or my fist.


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