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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

moving this plot along......

Continued from The fight of the town


"Am I ever glad I don't bruise and break anymore." Takun said laughingly. "By the way what happened back there, I mean it wasn't long ago someone was telling me about restraint......."

"Shove it." Shata said menacingly to his brother, who was not only acting as a guide but an ice pack for his head at the same time. "So where are we going?"

"No Idea, the guy with the lungs is the scientist we've been looking for, and the other guy, well I'll be honest, I have no Idea who he is."

"Good, speaking of my powers, has anything changed yet? I cant tell, still a bit numb."

"Just the rest of the upper half of your back."



Not traveling far the bruised and battered group enter a building that looked as if it were worn down when it was new. As Cove (the bat called himself) opened a hidden door he introduced his companion as Polar. Likewise Takun introduced his brother and himself. Upon entering the new room, lights activated from seemingly no where.

"Fancy...." Polar, Shata, and Takun said simultaneously.

"Huh?" Cove said unphased "Oh yea, the lights, thats nothing really, I think I came up with that back in middle school..... Well anyway, as Polar's problem is going to take sometime to dust off the proper equipment, Lets go ahead and take a look at you two." He said motioning at Takun and Shata.

"I'm just going to hobble over here and take a nap then..." Polar said almost grudgingly.

"Wall Bed, south wall." Cove said in a command like voice. As the words escaped his mouth the wall Polar had been heading to formed a simple bed off the side of it.

"Any other surprises we outta be aware of?" Polar asked, eyes still as large a dinner plates.

"Just keep in mind that the lab is mostly voice commanded nano tech, and there wont be any surprises. Ok Shata Hop up on the table, remove your piece of cloth thats trying to pass its self off as a shirt, and unwrap your swords sheath from around you."

Removing his shirt and sheath, the light danced across Shatas transformed chest and back, almost making it hard to see.

"Now thats some good shiny!" Cove exclaimed, covering his eyes with one claw. "Is there any where I can draw blood?"

"My neck is changed as well doc, but if you have a neddle my arm is still unaffected."

"Regardless of my appearance, I'm not a vampire." Cove said drawing a small amount of silvery blood from shatas are. "What the hell? I know I hit the vein...."

"You did, its been like that for years now."

"Okay.......Moving along then, Takun, could you drip some of your self in to this cup?"

"Sure, just don't drink me!"

"Don't worry, I wont." Cove said laughingly. "Well gentlemen, This wont take long, time enough for you to eat at least."

"We'll wait here, thank you." Shata said hurriedly.

After a few minutes of processing Cove walked back to the brothers with a face full of mixed feelings.

"Takun, your genetic structure is lost, Somehow your basically a puddle with a brain and will, without another living relatives genetic structure theres no hope of rebuilding you." Cove said, noticing a strange glance between the brothers. "Shata, your blood is coated with your ability, your metal strongly resembles an austentic steel, and as such is non magnetic. But strangely it is much stronger then it should be, In a sense it is a completely new metal. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to make the transformation regress."

"Well, thanks for all your help doc, you've given us at least one answer we needed, and through it we may find the other. In the mean time, is there anything we can do to repay you?" Shata said trying not to have anymore questions asked.

"Polar, wake up, I think we may have help with our trip!"

Keep an eye on Polar's blog for the next installment in the line.


At 10/23/2006 3:34 AM, Blogger TX said...

new metal stronger than normal hmmmmm

At 10/30/2006 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

puddle with a brain??? hmmmm *rubs chin with ponder* *light bulb pops* I GOT IT!! my next band name will be BRAIN PUDDLE!! What 'd u think? ;)


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