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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Shata dreams:

>The world is bright, but whenever I move towards the light, It turns to shadow. I turn, and se a source of cold, and instinctively know its my brother, he seems to be leaning over a man, who is passed out. Upon closer inspection I notice that its me, my brother dosen't notice me, but at the same time hes leaning over me. It makes no sense! I find myself crying out silently, to be one person again. Again I see a light, and my brother is leaning over me this time...<

Takun watches as the metal shell of his brother begins to regress its transformation, amazed. First the eyes regain there glow, surprisingly, any part of Shata that was metal, had regressed to a full human form, with no hint that his power had ever affected him.

"Ugh, what just happened?" Shata asked, groggy still.

"Well, long story short Cove, Polar, you, and myself, all headed for the portal at the same time, instantly you, Polar, and Cove were out cold, I think i wasn't affected because of my form, but I watched Cove be hit back to his lab, Polar and you went in a totally different direction, I clung to you so at least we'd still be together. When we arrived you were fully transformed, with no sign of light in yours eyes. I......I thought you were dead brother. But now, well, just look at your chest!"

Shata rolled up his shirt and to his surprise, it was flesh! To test it, he decided to change it, and regress it. He waited for 5 full minutes, and nothing reformed.

"But what does this mean?" Takun asked his brother.

"I don't know." Shata said to his brother, explaining his dream.

"Shata, I want you to avoid your full metal as best as possible."

"Well, in the mean time, we should try to at least figure out where we are."

And so they traveled, Shata testing his powers as they went, transforming his eye occosinaly to get an idea of the closest heat source. After two hours of solid walking, they came across a small town. Now, the senary hadn't been "par" considering where Shata and Takun had come from, infact "sub-par" was an understatement. The landscape had been decimated, weather the trees had been seared to the ground, or wilted from what seemed to be a lack of light.

"This half looks like something our brother would do." Shata said to no one.

"Except for the dead trees, they would have been seared. He couldn't stop the light, He is light!" Takun said confused.

As the traveld into the town, although the stores seemed well stocked, the streets were empty. It was as if one day everyone had decided to get up and leave, leaving everything in town. As they headed more towards the center of the town, Shata spotted a familiar form, although curious as to how it could be.

"STOP, STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHERS FORM." Shata heard, and as soon as the words finished echoing in his ears, he found himself plowed into a wall, by an icy blast unlike any he had felt before. As he looked up, he saw the timeless figure standing boldly in front of him, his expression on his face showing no mercy, and at the same time, his brother standing beside him, worriedly.


At 12/03/2006 9:58 AM, Blogger polar said...

whoa..... lol no metal to protect you from the buildings this time tho.

At 12/04/2006 7:48 AM, Blogger Papa Wolfgang said...

okay who took my popcorn and you in the back be quiet cant you see we are getting to the good part


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