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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shadows of the future

Shata looked at his attacker in disbelief, then, in the moment between grabbing his sword from around him, making another from his fore arm, and watching the man infront of him disolve himself to water, Shata understood. He was in the future, but how far, and more importantly, whose?

At a moments notice Shata realized that this was not the place for these questions, and realizing he knew the attacker he decided to reform his arm into a sphere and scooped up the man, makeing sure he could not escape.

"Name yourself." Shata said, hopping to get as many answers as possible before his prisoner figured a way out.

In response the captive formed a gas and expanded faster then Shata could morph, making his prison explode, sending shrapnel in all directions. "Whats the matter brother? has it really been that long? Why dont you make this a real fight and try to control the shadows?" the being taunted him.

"I knew it!"

"Brother? but we only have one other brother? does that mean he's....?"

"Thats right little brother, that is a future you."

"Hah, that simpering little ice cube a past me? please." the future incarnation of Takun yelled as he returned to the offensive.

Shata in response put his blades away and metaled his legs and right arm, leaping to meet their opponents attack, blowing him all over the landscape, or what little landscape there was.

"You have his powers, but none of his strength, the real Shata could of done that to me without his powers."

"So where is the real Shata then?" Shata said, and would have followed it with "Or Orin for that matter?" but was frozen solid at "Orin".

Forming the clasic spike ball Shata broke free. "Hit a nerve did I?"

"YOU ARE NOT FIT TO SPEAK HIS NAME" the future Takun said, no longer in an ice form, but now molten magma, shooting volleys of lava at Shata (Takun had long since began looking to see if he could find help), who was dodgeing for what he new to be his life.

Then Shata saw his plan, and knew there was no escape. Any possible path was now destroyed, and coming straigt at him was a ball of magma with his name all over it. He knew he only had one chance.

>Do it.<

>Do what?<

>Let me free.<

Before he knew what was happening, Shata had gone full metal, and at the same time he felt as though he fell out of where his eyes were. He was aware of the shadows. And then he felt someone else take over, he wrapped his new form around the magma beast. He held on till the beast had cooled, and that didnt even take long with out the suns light. When he released the beast and returned to his own body he had nearly no memory of what had just happened. Just that he had managed to knock the future Takun out. Although Shata really had to question where he was when he looked over at the new Takun.

He was in a human form.


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