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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The final days....

Authors note: Let me first say that I have throughly enjoyed conveying the story of Shata and his brothers to those willing to read it. It is with that, that I must say I am going on an indefinite hiatus and do not know whether or not I will write more of Shata's tales. I do plan on finishing the present story line for you all, If I must do so at the rate of one post a month (although that rate my be a bit quick for my current schedule). For the time being I will post the ultimate end to the Brothers days, even though they had many adventures over the span of there lives. Shata and his brother Takun have gone far back in time, to the renaissance period. In this time-line, powers like theres aren't uncommon, but are still feared. Now instead of telling you all what happens, the final page of Searching Shata will begin.

It has been many years since the final battle with their brother, Orin. Shata and Takun have learned there was never a need for a cure, as What scared them in the first place only proved to be the start of the next stage of their power's evolution.

Orin and the sword that had plagued Shata's mind were lost, appearing for no more then 5 seconds in random places in time. Tales of people disappearing never to be found again always made Shata wonder if some poor soul had been near the sword when it appeared, and attempted to take it, only to be pulled with it to another place in time.

Takun was also now aware of the truth that Orin had always known that the true menace to their family was the sword. He occasionally weeps at his brothers loss, as Orin sacrificed him self to rid them of their curse at the dawn of Takun's new power, free movement through time.

The remaining brothers have exhausted Takun's newest ability and have no way to return, aside for the longest path, which they would not survive. Gathering information on their suroundings the brothers decide not to fight andrun though this age, but to blend in. Now they hide in plain sight as traveling preformers, using what is left of their abilitys to entertain the crowds with fake "Black Dragon Fights" and "Making liquids move from bottles to cups with out interaction."

They never regretted their lives, only mourn the loss of their brother, regardless of how little they knew of him.

They live their not so quite lives until Takun's death. Shata having long since lost the option of death assumes his shadow form one last time, and in the night he veils two stars, one for each of his brothers, waiting for the end to come.


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